We promise high quality, creative and strategic written communications, editing, proofreading and consultation services delivered on time. We provide a flexible approach that allows you to engage our services to any extent in order to meet your communications need and budget.


Our writing rates begin as low as $50 per hour, and we provide flat rate fees on most projects. All writing services include any required research or interviews, and rewrites until the communications piece meets your needs.

We also offer part- and full-time monthly retainers for writing and editing services at $4,400 a month for 80 hours of service and $8,000 month for 160 hours.


All editing and proofreading services are provided for $50 per hour. Editing time will vary according to the length of the document and how well it has been developed.


Our consulting services start at $75 per hour. Monthly retainers are available and based on client need.

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