About Us

As your communications partner

At Unger Strategy we never blindly write a communication piece assigned to us or provide our insights without first asking questions. We’ll want to know your target audience, the goal of the communications vehicle or plan, and the results you expect before we begin any writing or consulting project. We like to fully understand our partner’s expectations, here’s why:

  • We want our work to be precise.
  • We want to strategically align your message with your business goals.
  • We want all your communications to support and protect your brand.
  • Above all, we want you to be satisfied with our work.

If you’re still waiting for executive input on the broader scope of your messaging strategy, but need copy or strategic ideas in the meantime to present for a deadline, we’ll work diligently to expedite that process, staying as flexible as you need us.

Finding a partner with your best interest in mind is critical

You know your clients best, but we are always eager to provide our insights and lend you the benefit of our experience. We’re here to serve you, whether you simply need a letter written or various materials developed, with or without our strategic consultation services.

We understand that we’re your partner, that we’re here to serve your communication needs. Whether you’re just too busy to take on the project yourself or you need a fresh perspective or guidance on creative new approaches, we can provide the help you need.